Is Someone Parsing my Article?

I’ve written a little over 30 blogs now on here and decided to go through my articles and see how they are viewed. I found something very interesting along the way with my One Way to Manage Credentials in Multiple Software Environments. Below are the statistics:

All Traffic on my Article

Now if you look through these look pretty normal but one value really stuck out to me:

RSS (Really Simply Syndication) readers? This statistic never came up on any other article of mine. So naturally the conspiracies started to reign in and I have my suspicion that something fishy is going on.


First what is RSS? In short RSS is a web feed that gives you the ability to consume updates in a standardized format. A common use case is for people to subscribe to several news sites feeds which eliminates the need for them to constantly check for new articles. Now another use case which I’ve seen is to subscribe to websites that provide (wildly formatted usually) data that is pulled down and processed by some code.

Alright now that we have covered what RSS is, what the hell are people doing reading them via RSS readers? If those types of numbers came up amongst my other articles I’d believe that a small amount of followers are reading my articles that way, but I don’t believe that at all. What I truly believe is that the keywords in my articles are attracting

So what is my conspiracy? I believe that people are subscribed to Medium RSS feeds for specific topics (which is fine), however they are using it to look for keywords such as credentials, passwords, authorization and etc. What I believe is going on is they are looking at any possible way to get a credential from a blog post that could be used.

Now isn’t that wild? I mean seriously what are you going to find on a blogging website for credentials? Has this ever happened before? It’s only crazy unless…

Thanks for the read!



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