Readiness vs Liveness Probe Kubernetes

path: /healthz
port: 8080
- name: Custom-Header
value: Awesome
initialDelaySeconds: 3
periodSeconds: 3
  • An information endpoint that displays information about the API
  • A health endpoint that exists only for the purpose of ensuring the application is up and running. Note: This doesn’t mean the application is running properly or a connection to the database is working, but say the container is up and running.
  • If this is a internal service, an endpoint that contains
- /bin/sh
- -c
- path/to/script
  • Ensure application logs are being written consistently
  • Run a check to ensure resources aren’t used at near/max capacity
scheme: HTTPS
path: /index.html
port: 8443
initialDelaySeconds: 10
periodSeconds: 5
  • In a simple web application that has a database I’d hit one of the endpoints that ensure the database connection works (a regular id lookup or even a endpoint dedicated to checking that connection to the database works)
  • A simple endpoint that hits the web application if nothing else functions on it
  • Similar to the above exec command, you can run a bit more complicated of a script that checks if a cache or other resources is working/exists




I’ve learned more about PERL than I care to admit.

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Daryan Hanshew

Daryan Hanshew

I’ve learned more about PERL than I care to admit.

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